Human Experience Summit

Learn how to cultivate a high-performance culture.

Friday, June 19th
9:00am - 1:00pm (PDT)

What is the human experience of work?​

To cultivate a high-performance culture we must improve the human experience of work.


Performance means that we achieve at least some of our goals. High-performance means that we achieve more goals … while having a positive, fulfilling human experience of work.

Human Experience.

The human experience of work has two components. We all seek a positive experience of our work (work engagement) and a positive experience of our work environment (psychological safety).


SupportingLines offers organizations an efficient way to measure performance, engagement, and psychological safety all at the same time. We also provide organizations with a practical, structured approach to cultivate high-performance.

Learn how to cultivate a high-performance culture.

The Human Experience Summit provides an opportunity for leaders to learn about our latest research and to learn from each other. The summit is highly-experiential, with several opportunities for questions and discussion. 

During this event you will:

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The Human Experience Summit is a free event.


In lieu of charging a registration fee, we have set up a donation page for United Way – Lower Mainland.