About Us

We help leaders and teams perform so that people have a better human experience at work.

SupportingLines was created in 2018 by our founder, Jeff Smith. What started as a journey to achieve more goals while living organizational values has blossomed into a comprehensive organizational & leadership development program.


SupportingLines™ helps you achieve the breakthrough performance that you have been seeking. We combine our super-powers in research, coaching, consulting and leadership development to help you cultivate a high-performance culture. 


We are relentlessly data driven. We help you leverage the powerful combination of our groundbreaking High-Performance Index™️ assessments and High-Performance Framework™️ solutions to achieve critical goals and create a better human experience of work. 

Actionable results.

Unlike other assessments, we offer you a straight line to results. We focus on the underlying elements of high-performance culture rather than outcomes like employee engagement that don’t actually drive performance. We also bring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into play to ensure that you are investing in business results, not just more data.

Our Values

We work with purpose

  • We believe we are on a mission
  • We hold ourselves capable of greatness
  • We encourage others to join our quest

We are generous

  • We donate our time, capabilities and resources to support our community
  • We make our offerings accessible

We empower others

  • We empower our clients, collaborators and colleagues
  • We encourage people and offer support
  • We recognize the contributions of others

We are mindful of our actions

  • We are conscious of our intent
  • We are present with and consider the impact we have on others
  • We communicate clearly, directly and transparently

We pursue mastery

  • We deliver the full scope of our role
  • We embrace feedback and opportunities to grow
  • We constantly look for ways to initiate and iterate

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