High-Performance Index™

The SupportingLines High-Performance Index™ (HPI) helps leaders and coaches find obstacles to performance and engagement. Make informed decisions when you combine HPI data with our High-Performance Framework™. When monitored regularly, HPI tracks the High-Performance Framework™ progress and identifies where to make program refinements.

HPI elements directly increase employee engagement, as validated by our research. In other words, when we build high-performance, we also increase employee engagement. Essentially, it’s two benefits for the price of one. In addition, HPI can be used by just individual leaders, a group of leaders, or entire organizations.


We are currently conducting a study on the relationship between high-performance and psychological safety. To participate, click here.


Complimentary High-Performance Index™ offerings

available to leaders during this crisis.

The Leader Survey reveals the most important areas to improve high-performance. This is a free assessment and can be done online, within minutes.


Leaders fill out the survey through the perspective of their employees. Then, we send you your results. Afterwards, we schedule a complimentary debrief to identify the next steps to improve your HPI scores.


This assessment can also be taken by a group of leaders at your organization. When a multiple leaders complete the Group Leader Survey, we will send you a report that compiles and compares responses across leaders.


To arrange for a  Group Leader Survey, contact us.

Employee Surveys collect feedback from selected people, or everybody in your organization. You can compare your Leader Survey scores with the actual scores from your employees.


We will debrief the results with your team in a High-Performance Index™ workshop.

The High-Performance Index™ Comprehensive Survey is part of a study we are conducting with Adler University to understand how psychological safety relates to organizational performance and the human experience of work. Through the Comprehensive Survey, our goal is to measure the full human experience at work through a unique combination of questions regarding high-performance, engagement and psychological safety. The comprehensive survey incorporates validated assessments from SupportingLinesUWES, and Guarding Minds at Work.


Individuals can take the Comprehensive Survey today. If you’ve already completed it, join a monthly online debrief webinar where we review the latest results and identify priority actions as a group using a crowd-sourcing platform called ThoughtExchange

We currently offer a complimentary report of your organization’s Comprehensive Survey results. Registration is required.


Request a complimentary Comprehensive Survey report for your organization.

After your organization has completed either an Employee Survey or Comprehensive Survey, we can conduct Pulse Surveys to track your team’s progress on your results.


Pulse Surveys are quick check-ins collected on a monthly basis. Choose from our selection of pre-set pulse questions that measure specific High-Performance elements or employee engagement. We also offer the option to choose a customized set of pulse questions.


To learn how more about conducting Pulse Surveys at your organization, contact us.