High-Performance Index™

A modern, comprehensive assessment of high-performance culture.

You don't need to choose between achieving results and improving employee experience.

HPI helps you measure all facets of high-performance culture in a single assessment.

High-Performance Index™ Insights

What is it?

The High-Performance Index™ uses 36 powerful questions to create immediate insights. HPI focuses on three core elements to identify strengths and opportunities to achieve your critical goals and create a positive human experience of work.


HPI is academically-validated and operationally focused. Our research shows that we directly measure employee engagement, psychological safety, and performance in a single assessment. Our experience demonstrates that we can directly impact your Key Performance Indicators and improve organizational results.

High-Performance Index™ Launch Tilted

Modernize the way you assess the human experience of work.

Together we will rapidly identify impediments to achieving your critical goals and creating a better human experience of work for your team.

Individual surveys create a data-driven leadership development plan.​

The High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment is a great way for leaders to gauge how well they demonstrate leadership capabilities.

  1. Leaders complete the HPL survey, assessing their own performance.
  2. You receive a free customized report with your detailed results and a worksheet to help you create a development goal.
  3. Our coaches offer a complimentary debrief to help identify your next steps to improve your HPI scores.
High-Performance Leader 360 Review

High-Performance Leader 360° Review

The High-Performance Leader 360° Review is a great way for leaders to receive feedback* from their team and colleagues.

  1. Participants complete the HPL survey* based on their perception of a leader’s performance. 
  2. The leader receives a custom report with the HPL 360° Review results, and a comparison to their High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment. We can also show the leader how perception varies by different teams or roles (must have sufficient numbers).
  3. A SupportingLines coach debriefs the results and helps the leader identify next steps to improve your leadership capabilities.

* The 360° review can be interview-based and there is an option to include custom questions for an additional fee

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