Elements of High-Performance

Align. Collaborate. Grow.

Help People Align Collaborate Grow

Help People Align, Help People Collaborate, and Help People Grow. These three elements define how leaders can support their teams to create a better human experience of work while helping the organization achieve critical goals.

These same elements are foundational to the SupportingLines High-Performance Index™ and High-Performance Framework™.

Help People Align


Leaders ensure people are clear on strategic priorities and performance expectations, as well as the organization’s values. People feel respected and receive the support they need to be successful.


People find meaning by connecting their work to an inspiring mission and vision. People understand how they contribute to organizational goals and the success of their colleagues and other teams.

Help People Collaborate


The organization has a culture of cross-functional agility powered by mutual respect, inclusion and positive workplace relationships. Teams have flexibility to determine how they achieve their objectives.


The organization has a culture of accountability where progress on goals is reviewed regularly and people hold each other accountable for commitments and living the organization’s values.

Help People Grow


Leaders help people cultivate functional expertise, live the organization’s values and hone their leadership skills. This helps people meet current expectations while advancing toward their career aspirations.


Leaders instill a culture of feedback, recognition and fairness. In a high-performance culture people are held accountable for delivering on commitments while living the organization’s values.

Cultivate high-performance

SupportingLines offers powerful assessments and integrated solutions to help you cultivate a high-performance culture.