High-Performance Index™

A modern, comprehensive assessment of high-performance culture.

You don't need to choose between achieving results and improving employee experience.

HPI helps you measure all facets of high-performance culture in a single assessment.

High-Performance Index™ Insights

What is it?

The High-Performance Index™ uses 36 powerful questions to create immediate insights. HPI focuses on three core elements to identify strengths and opportunities to achieve your critical goals and create a positive human experience of work.


HPI is academically-validated and operationally focused. Our research shows that we directly measure employee engagement, psychological safety, and performance in a single assessment. Our experience demonstrates that we can directly impact your Key Performance Indicators and improve organizational results.

High-Performance Index™ Launch Tilted

Modernize the way you assess the human experience of work.

Together we will rapidly identify impediments to achieving your critical goals and creating a better human experience of work for your team.

Team surveys help organizations cultivate high-performance teams and create a better human experience for employees.​

High-Performance Index™ Prediction (FREE)

The HPI Prediction offers a free way for leaders to quickly gauge how they think their team or organization is performing.

  1. A leader takes the HPI survey predicting what their employees would say.
  2. You receive a free customized report with your detailed results.
  3. Our coaches offer a complimentary debrief to help identify your next steps to improve your HPI scores.
High-Performance Index™ Team Assessment

High-Performance Index™ Team Assessment

The best way to collect employee feedback is to ask employees directly! The HPI Team Assessment collects data directly from your entire team or organization.*

  1. Every member of your team or organization fills out the survey.
  2. We brief executives on the  results of the HPI survey.
  3. We hold an HPI Workshop with as many employees as possible. In this interactive debrief we share results with employees and and co-create a list of priority actions to improve your HPI scores.
  4. We send you a customized report including your HPI data, feedback from the debrief workshop and our recommended solutions.

*Option to include custom questions for an additional fee.

Contact us to learn how you can run an HPI Team Assessment at your organization.

High-Performance Group Index™ Prediction

High-Performance Index™ Group Prediction

The HPI Group Prediction is an extension of the basic HPI Prediction.

  1. Multiple leaders fill out the survey predicting what their employees would say.
  2. We prepare a customized report combining the leader predictions.
  3. We debrief the HPI Prediction results with the group leaders to create insight and identify next steps to improve HPI scores.

Contact us to learn how you can run an HPI Group Prediction with your team.

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