Team Support

High-performance teams achieve critical goals with supporting lines, not reporting lines.

Organizational Development

High-performance culture is a way of life, not just an outcome. In order to achieve more of our critical goals, we need to identify impediments to high-performance and use structured approaches to overcome them. We also want to balance two indicators of success – operational results and the human experience of work.

Gain deeper insight into high-performance and the human experience of work for your organization or team.

We use the High-Performance Index™ to implement data-driven solutions to improve much more than your scores.


Build upon your organization’s current practices and programs and co-create a SupportingLines Implementation Plan with us.

Data-driven coaching that integrates the High-Performance Index™ and Framework™. We use a question-based approach to challenge and support the growth of your senior leaders. Learn more about how we can coach your entire team of leaders with our group rates.

A training platform for every team.

Exclusive videos, downloadable resources, and online discussion forums to enrich your learning and application of the High-Performance Framework™.

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