Team Surveys

Monitor your team’s performance and improve employee engagement in one survey.

Survey your team

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Collect employee feedback

The best way to collect employee feedback is to ask employees directly. We offer you a quick process to gain deeper insight into your culture.


Once you decide who you’d like to survey (a particular team, department, or the entire organization) we take care of the rest and administer the Team Assessment for you.

High-Performance Index™ Team Assessment

Data analysis

Our team of data scientists extract the results from your HPI Team Assessment and transforms your data into powerful visualizations to provide immediate insight.


You will receive a preview of your HPI data during an Executive Debrief, where we sit down with your Senior Leadership Team to share our preliminary findings.

Team workshops

The most compelling event in our process are the employee workshops.  We bring in your employees to help make meaning of your survey results.


Participants engage in interactive group discussions to create a list of immediate actions to improve your survey results.


You will receive a customized report including your survey data, employee insights from the team workshop, and our recommended High-Performance Framework™ solutions.


Online interactive data reports are included for an additional fee.

Assess your organization

Using 36 powerful questions from the High-Performance Index™ the HPI Team Assessment measures employee engagement, psychological safety, and performance of your organization all in one survey.

Do you have a high-performance team?