High-Performance Leader Awards 2021

This year marks the first year that SupportingLines will recognize leaders who had distinguished results in their High-Performance Leader 360° Reviews. Our 360° reviews assess the degree to which a leader supports their team members and creates the conditions for cross-functional teams to work well with each other.

To perform well in our 360° review a leader must truly live the values of the organization on a daily basis, provide people with the communication they need to be successful and show a genuine interest in the personal development of their team. These leadership behaviours help cultivate a high-performance culture, where teams achieve critical goals and enjoy a better human experience of work.

This year, we had the pleasure of working with 13 leaders who achieved “High-Performance Leader” status. Each of these leaders will leverage insights from their 360° review results to focus their leadership development efforts. SupportingLines is proud to recognize their accomplishment and appreciates being a part of their leadership journey.

Our 2021 High-Performance Leaders:

  • Aaron Harburn (Director of Marketing, Telus)
  • Alejandro Faur (CFO, Shasa)
  • Armando Dollero (President, Shasa)
  • Brad Affleck (Manager – Completions, Strathcona Resources Ltd.)
  • Carlo Dollero (CEO, Shasa)
  • Dale Babiak (Senior Operations Manager, Strathcona Resources Ltd.)
  • Jamie Grolla (Team Lead – Thermal, Strathcona Resources Ltd.)
  • Kendal Evans (SAP TCM Lead, Hatch)
  • Leon Larose (Drilling Manager, Strathcona Resources Ltd.)
  • Merv Pond (Production Operations Leader, Strathcona Resources Ltd.)
  • Nadia Quitero Gutierrez (Director of Business Intelligence, Shasa)
  • Scott Halcrow (Senior Vice President – Business Transformation, Compass Group Canada)

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