360° Reviews

A holistic approach to receive feedback from your team and colleagues.

Assess your performance as a leader.

We use questions from the High-Performance Index™ + your organization’s values to assess your leadership skills and pinpoint opportunities for growth.

Gather feedback

SupportingLines 360° Reviews allow you to collect feedback from your managers, peers, and direct reports for a complete understanding of your performance as a leader, and opportunities for growth.

Since we believe that everybody is a leader, we offer two variations of HPL 360°s:

This makes it possible for everybody to get feedback efficiently and accurately for their role.

Assess your organization's values

How well do you live the values published on your organization’s website? The SupportingLines 360° Review takes a unique approach to integrate these principles into your assessment. 


Using your organization’s values, we are able to identify areas of strength and opportunities to make rapid progress in your high-performance leadership journey.

Take action

Upon completion of your 360° Review, you will receive a report providing a side-by-side comparison of your team’s (anonymized) assessments and your own self-assessment.


Based on these results, we will work with you to determine next steps in your leadership journey to improve your 360° Review scores and become a better leader.

High-Performance Index™ Launch Tilted

Start with a self-assessment

If you’re interested in learning more about our High-Performance Leader 360° Review, take the free High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment. This alone is an insightful exercise.


Have questions? Contact us to learn more about our 360° Reviews.