High-Performance Culture Awards 2021

Every year, SupportingLines rewards organizations who have attained distinguished results in our High-Performance Index™ (HPI). HPI is a comprehensive assessment that gauges whether an organization has a high-performance culture where teams achieve critical goals and people have a great human experience of work. We directly measure the conditions for:

  • Operational performance
  • Employee work engagement 
  • Psychological safety

When an entire organization achieves a high HPI score, the majority of leaders and teams are truly living the values of the organization and offering an environment in which people can thrive. This year, we have had the pleasure of working with leaders and employees from 8 organizations who achieved distinguished results in their HPI assessments.

Learn more about each of these organizations below, as we introduce this year’s High-Performance Culture Award Recipients:

4Seasons Transportation carries students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way. 4Seasons Transportation’s commitment to continuously improving the human experiences for students living with disabilities and that of their staff has come through in the results of each of their past HPI assessments, in which they have landed distinguished results.

During COVID-19, SupportingLines’ High-Performance Index surveys allowed us to truly communicate with our employees in the field. Because of the surveys, our organization was able to continually improve and now our employee engagement and performance are higher.

Brooke Garcia, CEO 

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is BC’s pediatric palliative care provider for children with life-threatening illnesses and the families who love them. Canuck Place is very focused on teamwork and cultivating a thoughtful, engaging work environment. 

At Canuck Place, we continue to learn and grow supporting how our teams work together to provide excellence in care for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families across BC and the Yukon. Our engagement with Supporting Lines High-Performance Index™ was insightful, motivating and guided how our organization could improve the human experience for our teams in the workplace. This is empowering for the entire organization and the children and families in our care.

Denise Praill (Interim CEO)

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

Iamota is a leading Shopify Plus Design and Development Agency Partner. They design and develop ecommerce stores for leading merchants across health and wellness, beauty, retail and apparel.

Their “people first approach” has earned them the High-Performance Award for two years in a row.

iamota’s achievements over the past two years with the SupportingLines High-Performance Index™ is a testament to each iamota team members’ efforts and desire to understand how all of our efforts need to be aligned with our BHAG of being a top three Shopify Plus Design and Development Agency in North America. Working in a remote model, we have to “work harder” as leaders and peers to achieve a high score as we work through our OKRs. We try different things, some hit, some miss, but the effort in trying goes a long way.

Pete Smyth (CEO)

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

MagicLinks is the global leader in social commerce for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok video influencers. Their tools help 20,000+ influencers share products they love and earn income as their fans shop.

This is MagicLink’s second year receiving the High-Performance Award. With an introduction from SupportingLines Coach, Shari Bowles Gibbons, they are driven by data to not only support their influencer community but also raise collaboration and growth within their team.

Supporting Lines was a fantastic way to articulate inter and intra team dynamics and needs across the entire company. This was particularly useful in 2020 while working remotely. The overall experience allowed MagicLinks to increase company cohesion with quantitative feedback that assisted us in understanding the specific blind spots and strengths of the organization. This has aided us in continuing to innovate and build upon our company’s culture of healthy high performance.

Brian Nickerson (CEO & Founder)

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

Since 1992 Mission Possible has walked alongside people challenged by homelessness and poverty. Through its Employment Readiness Program and social enterprises, Mission Possible is transforming lives by helping people experience a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work. 

This is Mission Possible’s second year receiving the High-Performance Award. Working closely with SupportingLines Coach, Catherine North, this non-profit organization has achieved distinguished results in each High-Performance Index™️ assessment.

The Supporting Lines High-Performance Index™ helped get our team even more dialed-in, allowing us to celebrate our strengths and take concrete action in our weaker areas. Having a forum for the whole team to be heard and take ownership of our culture has elevated our work, leading to an even deeper impact in our community.

Matthew Smedley (Executive Director & CEO)

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

The world’s leading property automation system, Operto is a platform for managing short-term vacation rentals, hotels, and all types of guest accommodation. The purpose-built software combined with a curated range of smart home devices offer property managers real-time visibility and control over their units.

This is Operto’s second year receiving the High-Performance Award.

Award Recipient: 2020, 2021

Shasa is an international company that offers fresh fashion every day through their stores located across Mexico. Shasa is recognized for their commitment to supporting youth in vulnerable population groups in Mexico through their Social Responsibility program.

This is Shasa’s second year receiving the High-Performance Award. SupportingLines has worked with Shasa for the past year through our executive coaching services and leadership workshops with the senior leadership team.

We view trust as the most essential ingredient to a high-performance culture. The High-Performance Index™️ allowed us to learn that we can further strengthen trust by supporting one on one conversations, and by encouraging problem solving and goal setting in multidisciplinary circles around a shared vision.

Armando Dollero (President)

Award Recipient: 2019, 2020, 2021

Social Nature is the leading go-to-market platform for better-for-you brands in North America. Their community of half a million natural category shoppers help move products on and off retail shelves so that more people can have access to better-for-you products. 

This is Social Nature’s third year receiving the High-Performance Award. SupportingLines has worked with Social Nature for the past year through our executive coaching services and leadership development training.

At Social Nature, leadership doesn’t start when you become a team lead. High-performing culture emerges only when everyone leads. The High Performance index is our P&L on our people. I include the results in my investors’ updates as our team engagement is directly tied to the growth of our company.

Annalea Krebs (CEO)

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