SupportingLines helps leaders address the employee engagement crisis

I find it disturbing that 71% of people in the USA and Canada are completely disengaged at work. When we’re disengaged it is hard to make positive contributions or perform at our best (at least, according to Gallup). Nonprofit icon John Gardner said “true happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.” If that’s true, then our communities and organizations are in real crisis.

The benefits of higher employee engagement are numerous and widely reported – increased productivity, improved financial performance, more innovation, higher retention, lower absenteeism. By my tally, there are at least 140 million people in Canada and the USA who are disengaged in their work. That is 40% of the total population. The frustration of the disengaged shows up in all facets of their life. Undoubtedly the lack of employee engagement directly impacts all of us and, in my opinion, impairs the social fabric of our communities.

Something needs to be done.

Mahatma Ghandi said, ‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world’. I invite you to join me in starting a movement to help engage people in their work by embracing the concept that great leaders see supporting lines, not reporting lines.

SupportingLinesTM is a modern operating system for leaders who get it. There are a number of organizations including Mobify who are already using SupportingLinesTM to:

  • Help people grow: create Performance Conversations that inspire people and help them grow, instead of focusing on what they did wrong and judging them.
  • Help leaders coach: help leaders develop their coaching capability to move from ‘command and control’ to Collaborate & CoachTM.
  • Help teams collaborate: evolve the prominent OKR (Objective & Key Result) goal setting method to increase cross-functional collaboration and accountability.

I have seen the elements of SupportingLinesTM work effectively for teams I have led in multiple industries over the past two decades. In my role as @Mobify’s COO I am living this model every day! I know it can work for you.

Join the movement

Frustrated with Command & Control working environments?

I am currently working with a talented group of people to launch the SupportingLines Institute. The Institute will be a B Corp social enterprise that supports coaches and leaders who are aligned with my personal mission to inspire leaders, engage teams and increase engagement for millions of people.

The SupportingLines Institute wants to connect with leaders and coaches who embrace the SupportingLinesTM approach and aspire to transform organizations. Leaders can deploy part or all of the model for themselves, their teams or their organization. Coaches and consultants can incorporate SupportingLinesTM into their practice.

This movement needs you!

Connect with us to learn more at

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