Courage – an attribute of leadership


Congratulations to those people who take time to focus, deliberately, on their own personal development. 

Taking the necessary time for self-reflection with the support of an executive coach is not only strategic, but quite a courageous move. In addition to helping ourselves grow, we are also serving others, especially in cases where you have a team of direct reports.  

Taking this time requires us to pause all those “urgent” things that are keeping us from addressing what is truly essential for our personal and professional development. We are systematically encouraged to postpone what we need to do for ourselves, and concentrate instead in making our world more marketable and more profitable.

The problem is that growth is necessary for a fulfilling life, and it is something we can’t simply buy. We can’t pay someone else to grow for us. We, as individuals, are responsible for dedicating time for our overall development. 

In a world where many companies invest in human development, opportunities for personal growth are at hand. We need to seize those opportunities. Many people don’t even though they could. 

It is well documented that leaders who understand the connection between personal growth and employee engagement have a better chance of building a high performance culture. 

Courage is an attribute of leadership. Sometimes it is the courage to choose your own personal development over the “urgent” tasks of the day.

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