Get down to Business, not Busy-ness

“Busy” has become the standard answer to “how was your day?” For the corporate world being busy is a badge of honour. Leaders are expected to take action, follow-up and close deals. They have become devoted citizens of organizations that demand their 110 percent to not only reach but surpass annual goals. Forward is the direction and “busy” the method. 

But does “busyness” translate into “business” success? Not always.

Working hard is fine, as long as you are progressing toward the right strategic goals and finding some balance in your life. Working hard without balance or purpose simply leads to burnout.

Would it be helpful to have a way to ensure that your team’s busyness is going to produce business results? 

Are you confident that teams across your organization have integrated their collective “busyness” into collaboration? 

Take 6 minutes to complete our free leader self-assessment and a SupportingLines coach will debrief it with you at no charge. Our framework helps you harness “busyness” – both your own and that of your team.

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