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From Monday to Friday, 128 West Hastings Street becomes the second home for a variety of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, skills and business ideas. The HiVE is a co-working space in Vancouver with 200 members from 150 social and environmentally responsible organizations. The HiVE’s motto is “Sweet Social Impact”. Its objective is to build a network of knowledge, connection and innovation to take on society´s most complex challenges.

All emerging companies are looking for ways to increase their performance. Last month, Jeff Smith, CEO and founder of SupportingLines, visited the HiVE to share with a group of members from small and global organizations a unique framework that can help anyone achieve more goals.

At SupportingLines we are on a mission to inspire leaders, help teams perform and engage millions of people in their work. We know that building corporate culture is not something for the future – culture starts taking shape with the organization’s founder and first employees.

A high-performance culture has two elements: leadership effectiveness and performance structure. Our leadership development mirrors our own human development. Becoming a better leader doesn’t happen in an instant. It is a lifelong journey. SupportingLines provides a high-performance structure so individuals and organizations can score quick wins while also doing longer-term development work. How to achieve more goals is a key element of performance structure. 

Jeff explained that goals have three parts that can be better explained by answering the following questions: 

  • What is your objective? 
  • How do we prove that we achieved it? 
  • What support do we need to get there? 

These three elements create what the SupportingLines framework refers to as a Complete GoalTM. Complete goals include well-defined outcomes and firm commitments to the support and collaboration required to be successful. It is these commitments, or supporting lines, that make complete goals more likely to be achieved.

So, whether we are establishing a personal goal or one for a multi-billion-dollar company, it is necessary to establish an objective, key results, and the supporting lines that make them happen. If we include all three elements, we are going to achieve more goals.

For Melissa Hope, Director of Operations at the HiVE, events like the one provided by SupportingLines provides a value-add to the members and provides for an excuse to get up from their desks, talk to each other, learn something new, and get a fresh perspective.

“Our community is full of freelancers and small business owners. There are so many things they are trying to achieve that any clarity on goal setting and achieving is going to be really important,” said Hope. 

In a highly interactive one hour session, Jeff explained the definition and nuances of creating objectives, key results and supporting lines. He gave examples of the positive effects complete goals have on performance and engagement. Through three different exercises, the HiVE members also had a chance to define elements of their goals and ask questions. All attendees gained a tool that will help them achieve more goals.

If you would like to learn more about how you can achieve more goals or host a similar lunch and learn / webinar session at your organization email us at 

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