Remote Working Support

With the anxiety and unease surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to offer our support to you. Here, you can find resources to help you and your teams in your transition to remote working. We can work together to protect the human experience of work.

Blog Posts

Is your team switching to a remote environment? Check out our latest blog posts to learn how you can maintain collaboration and engagement as you did before.

Identify ways to improve remote working at your organization

For the month of August, we are offering the High-Performance Index™ (HPI) Summer Special.


Our academically validated HPI™ Employee Survey measures work engagement, psychological safety, and high-performance – all in 32 questions. Once we collect your employee data for you, we will meet with the executive team for an initial debrief of your results. Following that, we will run an interactive debrief workshop with your entire team to co-create actions that will directly improve your HPI™ results.


Contact us to learn more about how you can run the HPI™ at your organization today.

Join us each Friday morning at 9am PST for SupportingLines Community Yoga


Yoga helps us become centred. It cultivates courage and gives us strength. This particular offering also provides people a chance for human interaction in a world of remote work.