Accelerate Leadership Development with SupportingLines & Leadership Circle

Imagine a simple circle. A straightforward circle that could comprehensively map a ‘Universal Model of Leadership’. To see where they fit on this map, leaders first answer a few thoughtfully-generated questions about themselves. The map then instantly charts a path for their future leadership development journey.

There actually is a map like this: the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP). If we are going to embark on this challenging expedition, we will need provisions and equipment. Since the terrain of leadership development is challenging, we definitely want our ‘Supporting Lines’ in place:

  • adequate training for the journey
  • a guide to clear the path and show us the way
  • equipment to support us when we stumble
  • markers to indicate we are making progress

A compelling business case for leadership development.

 LCP does a great job of framing the ‘why’ of leadership development – improving organizational performance. Five simple questions have a staggering 61% correlation with improved business performance. Despite all of the factors that can lead to improved business results – culture, stage of business, market conditions, product market fit, technological advancement, demographics, world events, etc. – 61% of business results depend on the effectiveness of senior leadership.

SupportingLines offers the ‘how’ of leadership development.

Leaders regularly find debriefing their LCP 360 or self-assessment to be one of the most impactful conversations in their career. But LCP only provides the map for the expedition. Next, leaders ask us:

  • how do I improve my leadership effectiveness? and
  • where do I start?

LCP provides a number of route options for this journey. SupportingLines offers leaders a framework to decide which route to take and how to make progress. For example:

  • if LCP indicates that a leader has an opportunity to improve collaboration and be more strategic, SupportingLines offers a facilitated planning process that identifies strategic outcomes and establishes supporting lines for critical dependencies.
  • If LCP indicates that a leader might become a better mentor to aid the development of the team, SupportingLines offers a comprehensive performance improvement framework called ‘Help People GrowTM’.

We guide the journey.

Many leaders are overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in leadership development. SupportingLines provides the equipment and provisions to enable a successful journey. Once our coaches help the leader select the route, we handle the complexity of leadership development. Leaders simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other. We ensure that the expedition is on track beyond the current trail we are walking.

Immediate results. Accelerated leadership development.

There are many diagnostics out there, but in our experience the most powerful way to drive immediate performance results is to combine the Leadership Circle Profile (what are my development opportunities?) and SupportingLines (how do I make progress?). The SupportingLines performance framework provides immediate results and accelerates leadership development, by focusing on the most impactful LCP leadership traits.

Start your journey today.

Leadership development is a life-long journey. We would be happy to help you create your own leadership development map. Call us for a free initial consultation and a free Leadership Circle Profile self-assessment

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