Why do great leaders care about psychological safety?

Our Founder & CEO, Jeff Smith, will also be sharing insights on the latest global results from our Comprehensive Survey.

Thursday, April 30th @ 9:00AM PDT

What is psychological safety?

Psychological safety has become a prominent discussion point when talking about the employee experience. In this webinar, we will hear from Susan Jakobson, Lucy Jdanova, and Mark Tisdale about the role of psychological safety in team performance and employee well being. We will also be discussing methods we can take to cultivate psychological safety in organizations.

About our Comprehensive Survey

The High-Performance Index™ Comprehensive Survey is part of a study we are conducting with Adler University to understand how psychological safety relates to organizational performance and the human experience of work.


Through the Comprehensive Survey, our goal is to measure the full human experience at work through a unique combination of questions regarding high-performance, engagement and psychological safety. The comprehensive survey incorporates validated assessments from SupportingLinesUWES, and Guarding Minds at Work.

Susan Jakobson

Principal, Jakobson Consulting & Analytics

Susan has an extensive background in clinical nursing, workplace mental health, health, safety & wellness, leading people in manager/director roles and in human resources.  This unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience results in the ability to provide consultation and programing to clients that is relevant, timely and meaningful to the realities of today’s workplaces.


Susan is a Canadian Mental Health Association Advisor for the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Healthy and Safe Workplaces. She develops and delivers healthy workplace programs with a focus on mental health, self-care, team care and resilience building. She works with employers to balance workplace health with the business imperative to provide practical and realistic approaches to psychological health and safety at work.

Lucy Jdanova

Core Faculty, Adler University

Lucy Jdanova is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with a Doctorate degree from Wayne State University. She is a faculty member at Adler University, Vancouver, BC.


Her areas of teaching include Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Statistics, Psychometrics, Organizational Change and Development, Social Psychology, Research Methods, and Succession Planning. Her primary research interests include cross-cultural adjustment processes, psychological climate, Congruence and Fit, and work-family conflict and balance.


She utilizes her strong background in quantitative and qualitative methods to help companies in the areas of selection, validation, data analysis, and organizational surveys.

Mark Tisdale

Director of Wellness, McFadden Benefits

Mark is a passionate health and productivity management professional dedicated to helping organizations achieve top performance, prolific engagement and epic culture.


Over the past 20 years he has provided thought leadership and insight to countless organizations large and small, locally and globally. Mark has helped to develop products, tools and educational resources that help employers to promote and support physical, mental, social and financial well-being; allowing them to assess, design, implement and measure their wellness investment through creative plans and strategies.


Mark instills his health and performance values with his children and actively supports their many activities while pursuing his own goals as a triathlete. As a musician, Mark is a member of the internationally recognized Drum Cafe ́where he engages audiences in an energetic and interactive team building experience.