Coaching Clinics

SupportingLines offers complimentary coaching clinics to provide support for leaders and their teams. We offer two different clinics for you to choose from, held weekly.


Each clinic is limited to 6 participants. Register today!

Our next clinic will be on Tuesday, April 21st @8:30am PST on "How to support your team and improve collaboration in a crisis"

How to manage anxiety
to be a better leader

Anxiety triggers our reactive tendencies. When our reactive tendencies flare up, leadership effectiveness decreases swiftly, and dramatically. Though we may not even know it’s happening, we all have predictable patterns of reactivity. The good news is our reactive tendencies are not faults, they are gifts and strengths used in ways that are not serving the team, or ourselves. 


Learn more about managing your reactive tendencies to be a better leader during a crisis.

How to support your team and
improve collaboration in a crisis

People regularly say that they need more support from their leader. While it is even more important for leaders to support their team during a crisis – it is also more challenging when people are working remotely. How can you support your team more effectively? 


We use a rapid, data-driven approach to identify what your team needs more of, or less of from you. Our research highlights the top things people want from their leaders – the results will surprise you.