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The SupportingLines High-Performance Index™ helps you quickly find impediments to high-performance. Our index asks team members how well leaders: Help Teams Align, Help Teams Collaborate, and Help People Grow.


The High-Performance Index™ Certification will help you understand the foundational research behind the assessment. You will also learn how to debrief the results and co-create tangible actions to cultivate high-performance.


High-Performance Framework™ Certification provides you with highly-integrated tools, methods, and approaches to implement change and transform organizations.


The High-Performance Index™ helps you create the plan. The High-Performance Framework™ helps you deliver.

includes 4

For more information about each of the assessments in our High-Performance Index™, visit the High-Performance Index™ page.

  • High-Performance Index™ Leader Survey
  • High-Performance Index™ Employee Survey
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development
    360° Review

Are you a leader?

The High-Performance Index™ Certification offers a tangible and measurable way for you to drive high-performance and leadership development programs for your team or your organization.


You will be certified in 4 different assessments, two of which can be used at no cost. Once certified, you will be able to debrief the High-Performance Index™ to support your leadership or organizational development programs.

Are you a coach or consultant?

The High-Performance Index™ Certification will help you cultivate new business opportunities. Our two free HPI assessments can be used as client intake tools to help you quickly identify impediments to high-performance.


When paired with HPI Employee Surveys and 360° Reviews, you will have a data-driven approach to help clients cultivate a high-performance culture.


We will help you integrate HPI with your favourite tools and methods. Our assessments can also be customized to fit the specific needs of your client. HPI will become a powerful element your practice.

“We have a clearer picture of how we can advance our company’s culture. When the HPI data was presented to the workshop participants, it was clear that it resonated with their own experience.”

– HR Director

“I wish I had access to the High Performance Index and High Performance Framework when I was a C-Level executive and business owner. The HPI is an efficient tool to quickly surface problematic areas and organizational blindspots while the HP Framework is a superior methodology that translates these new insights into actionable steps that quickly translate to the bottom line financial performance.”

– Master Corporative Executive Coach (MCEC)

& SupportingLines Coach

“The High-Performance Index™ gave me an ability to quickly understand the key elements of organizational effectiveness from a grass roots perspective”

– SupportingLines Coach

Upcoming High-Performance Index™ Certifications:

Thursday, June 11th @9am-3:30pm PDT

This is a full-day workshop for  leaders, coaches, and consultants alike.

You will also be paired with a mentor coach who will help you in your SupportingLines journey.


  • Explore the foundational research behind the High-Performance Index™
  • Data interpretation session
  • Live HPI session with a client
  • Final debrief
  • Closing remarks and Q&A

SPECIAL OFFER during the COVID-19 pandemic

In light of the impact that this pandemic has had on coaches, consultants, and organizations, we are offering special pricing for this High-Performance Index™ Certification. We are in this together.


Please select the pricing tier that aligns with your current situation.

Given that our relationship is based on trust, we extend this offer using an honour system.


As you make your selection, we ask you to consider that this pandemic has had a significant impact on our business as well. 


For those who have the ability to pay in full.

30% OFF

For those who have experienced a revenue reduction of at least 30% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

70% OFF

For those who have experienced a revenue reduction > 70% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.