Brooke Garcia

CEO, 4Seasons Transportation

As the CEO of 4Seasons Transportation, Brooke leads the organization’s mission to provide safe, calm, and compassionate school bus transportation to students living with disabilities. She oversees all operations of the company and creates connections with schools, parents and communities, making sure every child receives an equal opportunity to a nurturing educational experience.


Brooke is passionate about cultivating 4Seasons’ culture based on values of safety, compassion, leadership and adaptability – all with the purpose of empowering students living with disabilities. Through inspirational and caring leadership, she has grown 4Seasons from a small business to a large community of dedicated employees in just 10 years.


Brooke is a thought leader in the transportation industry and regularly speaks at forums such as The World Summit on Accessible Tourism and International Conference on Disability and Diversity. In 2018, she accepted the Accessible Transportation Award and Commerce Award from the City of Calgary on behalf of 4Seasons.

Human Experience Summit

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