Thanks for being late!

Life often presents us with little moments to learn something about ourselves.  If you are mindful of each moment and open to seeing things in a different way then each moment has the potential to teach you something.

I had one of those moments this week.  Each Friday at 7:30am I lead yoga at Mobify.  I am honoured by the opportunity to be of service to the team and teaching deepens my own practice.

This past week I had what I thought would be a yogi’s worst case scenario … an empty class.  Turns out it wasn’t that big a deal.  As the time ticked toward the start of class I decided that I would simply proceed alone.  I would lead myself through the class and focus on how I could further enhance it in the future.

I was surprised to experience no anxiety, as this type of situation would have created significant anxiety in the past. I just recognized that people were busy, in need of some extra sleep or dealing a myriad of other things.

Then a really ironic thing happened.  As I settled on the mat to (silently) read the poem I had selected to open the class, people showed up!

I felt excited and energized but not necessarily relieved.  I think there was a time where I would have taken things personally and had a different story about the experience.  Through people being late I gained tangible evidence of my own progress.  I was inspired to teach!

As the latecomers arrived, they were apologetic.

I said “thanks for being late! I just learned something about myself!”


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