Use coach approach

Using a coach approach involves asking open-ended questions, seeking feedback and creating space for the perspective of others. This is an important aspect of high-performance leadership, as it enhances other techniques such as holding effective 1-on-1 meetings, providing development feedback, involving people in planning, reviewing progress on goals and holding people accountable. Using a coach approach improves teamwork, psychological safety, support and communication. Though some leaders may initially find it counterintuitive or challenging to adopt, it is a truly effective approach.


Using a coach approach: the counterintuitive leadership super power

Of all the foundational skills that cultivate high-performance leadership, perhaps no single trait is as powerful and under-utilized, as using a coach approach. In simple terms, using a coach approach means creating space for the perspective and feedback of others. An effective coach uses expansive questions that start with ‘what’ or ‘how’ and then listens to the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others. 

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