Set complete goals

Many organizations struggle to achieve their goals, often as a result of setting targets without defining a clear plan for how to achieve them. To overcome these challenges, it’s crucial to set ‘complete’ that encompass both the target itself and the plan for achieving it. Involving people in the planning process is another critical element of our approach. It helps people feel more engaged, helps you create a better plan, improves cross-functional teamwork and ultimately increases your chances of achieving your goals.


Set complete goals: avoid the fatal flaws of planning

Did you know that 90% of organizations fail to deliver their strategic plan? That is a startling statistic from The Balanced Scorecard by David Kaplan and Ken Norton. Given the time and effort that often goes into planning, wouldn’t it be great if more than 10% of organizations actually achieved their objectives? Wouldn’t it be great if you achieved more of your critical goals? 

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