Leadership Development

The SupportingLines Leadership Development program helps leaders make progress on all dimensions of the High-Performance Index™.

The program starts when you take our Leadership Development Self-Assessment to see how well you think you Help Teams Align, Help Teams Collaborate, and Help People Grow.

This program has four components:

SupportingLines Cloud

The SupportingLines Cloud™ is an online offering of e-Learning and tools that help you refine your leadership approach and acquire new skills to cultivate High-Performance.

360° Reviews

360° Reviews use a version of the High-Performance Index™ to gather feedback from 3-5 peers or colleagues to pinpoint your biggest opportunities for growth. The 360° review helps us customize your leadership development program and assess progress.


In a practicum, one of our coaches will observe you in action during real-life situations and provide real-time feedback to support your growth. This helps you put your new leadership skills into action.

Executive Coaching

We use a supportive, question-based approach that will challenge you and support your growth as a leader. Coaching helps you explore things on a deeper level, expand your awareness and develop strategies to propel you forward.

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