Review progress on goals

Many teams tend to set their goals and then forget about them, rarely or never reviewing progress. Focused goal reviews are a vital element of high-performance culture. Goal reviews help people feel respected, deepen awareness, increase psychological safety and create a culture of accountability. We offer leaders a structured approach to goal reviews to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Set it and forget it: the typical approach to reviewing goals

At the risk of dating myself, back in the 1990s I remember Ron Popeil’s famous pitch for the Showtime Rotisserie. During his late-night informationals he told us that we could have a delicious rotisserie chicken if we just ‘set it and forget it’. Unfortunately, that is precisely how most teams treat their goals. Compounding the fact that 70% of organizations do not have an effective planning process, many teams never review their goals again. They ‘set it and forget it’.

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