Personal Growth

It has been said that the true test of leadership is whether people grow. While the majority of leaders want to help people grow, 79% do not follow through due to time constraints and competing priorities. Fortunately, there are straightforward things leaders can do to improve current performance and build future capability. When leaders ensure people always have a development goal, offer Development 1-on-1s and create a culture of accountability, personal growth is inevitable. There is a key difference between having a genuine interest in helping people grow and showing it.


Personal growth: the foundation of individual resilience

In 1970 Robert Greenleaf published his seminal work, “Servant as Leader” in which he asserted that the true test of leadership is ‘did people grow’? Our research proves that Greenleaf’s theory is on point. Showing a genuine interest in people’s growth cultivates psychological safety, improves performance, increases engagement …

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