Nathan Leslie

SupportingLines Instructor & Coach

Nathan started gravitating to executive coaching in 2008 after completing a Master’s Degree in International Education in Madrid, Spain. At the time, he was teaching and coaching multiple sports in New York City. The program’s foundation focused on ‘inquiry based learning’: teaching through inquiry (asking questions) and exploring ideas rather than teaching facts. You may see the connection.


Nathan speaks English, German, Swiss German, & French. His Spanish gets him by in a pinch.  He played 7 years of professional hockey in Europe and his adventures have led him to nearly 40 countries around the world. Nathan has helped shape the future of youth ice hockey in many interesting parts of the world including Mongolia, New Zealand, Manhattan, and in his home province of British Columbia.  His 1st career as a professional athlete and 2nd career in sport development have led him to a rewarding career in executive coaching and leadership training. Nathan is honoured to be in service of others, helping leaders aspire to be their best and most effective selves.

Nathan is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and SupportingLines certified coach.

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