Hold people accountable

Our modern approach to accountability helps you ensure that people are following through on commitments and living organizational values, in a way that strengthens relationships and fosters teamwork. In a culture of accountability leaders set clear expectations, encourage peer feedback and create a safe space for people to ask for help when things are off track. When the need arises to hold somebody accountable, we help you do this in a respectful manner that explores all sides of the story and co-creates a better way forward.


Build a culture of accountability

If I asked you to pause for a second and picture somebody being held accountable, what image do you see? Many people picture an angry boss, perhaps wagging their finger, reprimanding a cowering employee. While the old school of management may have had that caricature, that method of managing is rapidly vanishing. In a modern approach to accountability we can deepen relationships instead of scorching the earth. If the right conditions are in place, most people will hold themselves accountable without any of this drama.

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