Your people are dealing with anxiety. How can you help?

Are you collecting data to identify the teams and leaders who are struggling in this crisis environment?

Your people are dealing with anxiety. How can you help?
Your people are dealing with anxiety. How can you help?

Thursday April 16th @10:00am PST

Mental health is a scary topic for many leaders. But it doesn’t have to be. Scary is doing nothing while 45% of your employees are likely experiencing some level of mental health impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When people on your team are struggling with the human experience of work, we need to collect data to figure out where the biggest problems lie.

Liz Guthridge

Liz Guthridge is the co-author along with Kathy McKee of the book Leading People Through Disasters: An Action Guide for Preparing for and Dealing with the Human Side of Crises. Published in 2006, the book broke new ground in disaster recovery with its laser beam focus on how employers could best support employees in times of crises. supporting employees. 


The authors, who have experienced a range of crises, interviewed other experts and then created a practical guidebook for leaders with real-life examples, planning principles and tools. The book featured tips for how to keep people safe, calm and informed; how to help managers care for employees, and how to deal with employees’ immediate and ongoing emotional and psychological needs while getting the organization back on its feet. 


Since writing the book, Liz has expanded her focus to help leaders with all aspects of their development and growth so they can improve their overall performance, professionally and personally. She works with leaders at all levels to clarify their thinking, deepen their conversations, and follow through on actions, including building habits and being more inclusive. Liz has extensive experience and education in applied neuroscience, behavior design, and lean communications®. Liz is a NeuroLeadership Institute brain-based coach. She founded her coaching, consulting and facilitation firm Connect Consulting in 2003 in the SF Bay Area. She, her husband, and therapy dog now live in Charleston, SC. She works with a variety of clients all over North America and in parts of Europe. 

Dr. Jamie Madigan

Dr. Madigan is an Industrial-Organizational psychologist and the Product Lead for, which offers science and technology to help scale leader development coaching. His other areas of expertise include employment testing, selection, structured interviews, organizational research, surveys, job analysis, test validation, and recruiting.


He is also a nonfiction author who seeks to popularize the use of psychology to creating better video games and helping understand those who play them. He writes and podcasts at and is the author of two books on the subject, including The Engagement Game: Why Your Workplace Culture Should Look More Like a Video Game.

Jeff Smith

Jeff is a certified Master Corporate Executive Coach, seasoned C-suite business leader and yoga instructor. His personal mission is to inspire leaders and help teams perform so that people have a better human experience at work.

In 2018, Jeff decided to leave his c-suite role and founded the SupportingLines Institute to help companies cultivate high-performance cultures, meaning that teams achieve more goals and have a great human experience while doing it. His approach is entirely data driven and the groundbreaking assessment he created is strongly correlated with psychological safety and predictive of work engagement. The assessment is backed up by an organizational development and leadership development framework.

To learn more about Jeff, visit our team page.