Effective 1-on-1s

Effective 1-on-1s are the cornerstone of great leadership. While 94% of managers believe they are doing well in their 1-on-1 meetings, only 20% of those meetings are effective. This stark contrast highlights a leadership blindspot, with managers focusing heavily on Tactical 1-on-1s centered around goals and tasks but neglecting Development 1-on-1s that address personal growth and the human experience of work. While Tactical 1-on-1s are important for alignment and progress tracking, it is also critical to offer a regular meeting focused purely on a team member’s development and personal experience.

Why 1-on-1s are the biggest leadership blindspot

A recent survey indicates that 94% of managers believe they are having 1-on-1s. While this may be true, our research tells a much different story about the quality of these meetings. We find that less than 50% of employees  say they have monthly 1-on-1s and only about 20% of those meetings are deemed effective. Quick math says only 10% of employees are happy with their 1-on-1s…

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