Create a shared vision

A shared vision is a critical element of a high-performance culture. A vision inspires people and unites the team around a common objective. When leaders co-create a vision with the team, it truly becomes shared as there is collective ownership. There are many direct benefits of a shared vision including improve teamwork, increased psychological safety and a deeper sense of meaning. Organizations with an inspiring vision are also more likely to truly live their values.


Shared vision: the journey from ‘their vision’ to ‘our vision’

Many researchers have written about the importance of creating a shared vision for an organization. This is common sense. Going back to 2009, HBR published research indicating that 72% of employees want their leaders to be forward thinking, envisioning what is to come. The authors noted “the only visions that take hold are shared visions” and that you will only create a shared vision if you engage the team in a process to co-create it. Just like we see with setting goals, involvement in co-creating the vision makes all the difference in it being shared…

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