Clear Expectations

In today’s hybrid workplace with high turnover and constant change, many leaders find that employees are not meeting expectations. That said, 75% of employees are unclear on their leader’s expectations because they have never had a complete conversation about what is expected. There are four aspects of setting clear expectations: updated job descriptions, current goals and priorities, organizational values and core competencies for the role. Setting clear expectations helps people perform. It creates a culture of accountability where leaders offer feedback, recognition and performance reviews that are perceived as fair.


Setting clear expectations: the critical conversation you’ve likely never had

One of the most common issues leaders have in today’s hybrid workplace environment, where employee turnover and constant change have become the norm, is people not delivering on expectations. While it is frustrating when this happens, it is important to note that 75% of employees are unclear on expectations. This is likely because the critical conversations to set expectations are almost never happening…

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