Catherine North

SupportingLines Coach

Catherine North is a Certified Coach, Resilience Consultant, and OD Practitioner who fosters healthy, thriving, vibrant, resilient leaders and teams so they can realize their goals and dreams.  Inspired by her own experiences, Catherine helps create psychologically healthy workplaces where people flourish and experience growth and success. 


Engaging others deeply and sincerely, Catherine brings a whole-hearted and whole-systems approach to her work. She utilizes evidence and experience in quality improvement, coaching, psychology, change management, and community engagement to help her clients realize their fullest potential.  


Throughout her career, Catherine has supported improvements in quality, access and availability of health care and mental health care in BC.  Past roles include Change Lead, Collaborative Coach, Engagement Liaison, and Project Lead working in partnership with BC’s health authorities, Doctors of BC, BC Ministry of Health, and non-profit organizations.  


A trusted coach, facilitator and trainer, Catherine fosters meaningful growth and development from the individual to the system level. 

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