SupportingLines Practicums

Make common sense, common practice.™

Apply your learning. Accelerate your development.

The SupportingLines Cloud™ goes beyond videos and notes. Take your learning to the next level with a SupportingLines Practicum.

SupportingLines Executive Coaching

Real-time coaching

We pair you with a SupportingLines coach who matches your industry, field, organization size and communication style.


Your coach will act as a mentor as you begin to refine your leadership techniques. They will observe you in action during real-life situations and provide real-time feedback to support your growth.


You and your coach will schedule recurring sessions throughout your practicum.

Video analysis

High-performance athletes review their game tapes. We’ve created that experience for high-performance leaders.


We will equip you with techniques to record any session (with permission of course!) and tools to help you apply your learning from the SupportingLines Cloud™️. Your coach will help you conduct an ongoing analysis of your leadership skills.


You will also receive a library of checklists to continue practicing and build upon learnings from your past recordings. 

Get certified

Earn the stamp of a high-performance leader. 


Once you complete the SupportingLines Practicum and score above 80% on your next SupportingLines 360 Review, you can proudly declare yourself a high-performance leader.

Accelerate your leadership development

Contact us to begin your SupportingLines Practicum.


Once we verify that you are registered in the SupportingLines Cloud, we will pair you with a SupportingLines Coach.