Meaningful role

When people find meaning in their work, there is a significant improvement in employee retention and performance. There are three things leaders can do to help cultivate meaning: involve people in planning to connect their work to the organization’s goals, show genuine interest in their growth and development and create a supportive environment. While this may sound obvious, the majority of leaders are falling short. Helping people find meaning in their work cultivates high-performance culture.


The secrets behind meaning: 3 things leaders can do right now to make work meaningful

It is well documented that when employees find meaning in their work they are more likely to stay, more likely to perform well and more likely to recommend their workplace to others. The key question is how to help people cultivate meaning in their work. Research shows that finding meaning in your work is deeply personal. A leader cannot make somebody find work meaningful; however, a poor manager can destroy the meaning of work in an instant…

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