Crisis Leadership

Performance means we are achieving goals. High-performance means achieving more goals while also improving the human experience of work.
We have several offerings to help your team cultivate high-performance during these times of crisis.

Identify impediments to high-performance

Our High-Performance Index™ collects data to help you identify impediments to performance at your organization. Choose between our Leader Evaluation and Comprehensive Survey to start making informed decisions today.


The Comprehensive Survey is part of a study we are conducting with Adler University to understand how psychological safety relates to organizational performance and the human experience of work.​

Set Complete Goals™ & collaborate more effectively

Alignment and collaboration were already an issue for many teams before the COVID-19 pandemic. With entire teams working remotely or partially returning to the workplace, it is even more challenging to helps teams align and collaborate.


We offer teams a dynamic planning approach that more than just defining outcomes.

We also help you establish ‘supporting lines’, the critical cross-functional commitments of support between teams to help you achieve more goals.


Click here to learn more about Setting Complete Goals™️ with the SupportingLines High-Performance Framework™️

Web-based leadership development

Most of what makes us an effective leader during a crisis, is the same as when there is no crisis. The current situation also provides a great opportunity to raise our game as leaders.


Instead of returning to a new normal, we can help you pursue a ’new better’. Our approach to leadership development is data driven. We start with a self-assessment and from there create a customized program including:

  • 360° reviews to expand your awareness
  • eLearning to refine your skills
  • Practicums where a coach observes you in action and provides real-time feedback
  • Executive coaching to deal with issues or create strategies to move forward

Set Complete Goals™ & collaborate more effectively

Every Friday, we host a weekly online yoga class to help people stay grounded and connect with others.


Our unique yoga classes, included meditation and are open to all skill levels. Each class is led by our Founder & CEO, Jeff Smith.