Certifications for Coaches

Many coaches need a framework that aligns with your personal vision of leadership. To open doors and create more opportunities, you need a clear offering. We can help you rise above other the rest with a powerful framework that enables the change your clients seek.

Our offerings have proven successful from the smallest startup to the most complex global corporation. We provide the training coaches need and support them as they bring SupportingLines™ to clients.

Our Services High-Performance Index High-Performance FrameworkThe SupportingLines High-Performance Index™ helps you quickly find blockers to high-performance. Our index asks team members how well leaders: Help Teams Align, Help Teams Collaborate, and Help People Grow.


During our High-Performance Index™ – Coach Certification, you will be trained on how to read and assess a High-Performance Index™ Report. You will be able to pinpoint areas for improvement and guide clients to take informed action, immediately.


As a Certified Coach, you will be able to debrief and lead workshops for leaders and entire organizations.

A diagnostic is only helpful if teams can use their results to make measurable progress. After the High-Performance Index™, our High-Performance Framework™ helps leaders improve their results. Our framework provides solutions for each category in the High-Performance Index™ to affect change in an organization.


As a Certified Coach, you will drive the work behind each framework solutions. The High-Performance Framework™ – Coach Certification helps you guide clients to achieve tangible results.

If you are not an executive coach, we also offer certifications to become a SupportingLines Practitioner.